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DotZero is a space made for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. It was launched in July 2013 with the goal of creating and catalyzing an ecosystem for technology startups. Based out of Karachi, DotZero is Pakistan’s first community space for entrepreneurs that provides a vibrant environment for technology enthusiasts to gather and exchange ideas.

We offer not only the physical space required by young companies to get their ideas off the ground, we also provide an enriching platform that encourages collaboration. DotZero enables smart networking and creates employment and investment opportunities, while offering the sort of proximity necessary to take Pakistani entrepreneurs to the next level!

Our Partners

Name = Startup Grind

Email = twitter@StartupGrind.com

Phone = 0

Website = www.startupgrind.com/

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 40 cities and 20 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and …

Name = Invest2Innovate

Email = info@invest2innovate.com

Phone =

Website = www.invest2innovate.com

Invest2Innovate (i2i) is an intermediary company that supports early-stage enterprises and strengthens access to capital in Pakistan. i2i selects entrepreneurs for the i2i Accelerator…

Name = Pakistan Innovation Fund

Email = Info@pif.org.pk

Phone = +92 51 2511643 / 8443223

Website = www.pif.org.pk

Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) is an apolitical and non-partisan private-sector driven entity charged with developing and executing an analytically rigorous, evidence-based, and deeply passionate agenda to promote science, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Pakistani society.

Name = P@SHA

Email = info@pasha.org.pk

Phone = +92-21-35418121, +92-21-36061051

Website = www.pasha.org.pk/

P@SHA is a platform for promoting, protecting and developing the software industry in Pakistan.

Name = OPEN Karachi

Email = info@openkarachi.org

Phone = +92 21 3455 4695, +92 322 286 2566

Website = www.openkarachi.org/

OPEN, or the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and business leadership in the Pakistani-American community.

Name = MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan

Email = info@mitef-pakistan.org

Phone = (+9221) 3 587 9461-64

Website = www.mitef-pakistan.org

MITEFP’s mission is to improve the economic well being of the people of Pakistan through development of an Entrepreneurship Promotion Program for Pakistan.

Name = NewG

Email = Info@pif.org.pk

Phone = +92 51 2511643 / 8443223

Website = www.pif.org.pk

PIF Board Member and CEO of Gillette Pakistan, Mr. Saad Amanullah Khan, becomes one of the founders of the National Entreprenuership Working Group (NEWG) based out of Karachi. NEWG is a non-profit entity supported by US Consulate in Karachi as an umbrella organisation of entrepreneurship and innovation support entities in Pakistan.

Name = Eisenhower Fellowships

Email = jgrabias@efworld.org

Phone = (215) 215 546 1738

Website = http://efworld.org/news/pakistan-fellow-opens-ef-corner

Eisenhower Fellowships exists to inspire leaders around the world to challenge themselves, to think beyond their current scope, to engage others, including outside of their current networks, and to leverage their own talents to better the world around them.

Name = Plan9

Email = incubator.pitb@punjab.gov.pk

Phone = (+92) -42-3588 0062

Website = http://plan9.pitb.gov.pk/

Plan9 is Pakistan’s largest tech incubator. Launched in August 2012, it is a ground-breaking initiative taken by the Punjab Information Technology Board that aims to facilitate technological entrepreneurship in the country.

StudentsIndividualsSME, ChartersLarge Corporates
Registration +1st year1,2003,00030,000120,000


Being a member of DotZero isn’t just about giving you bragging rights. You become part of a community that believes in growth through sharing and access to Pakistan’s top entrepreneurial talent. You’ll get access to DotZero facilities and you’ll be eligible to apply for desk space, reserve conference rooms and the event space. Membership gives you discounts on DotZero events as well. We have three 3 simple types of memberships you can choose from. Please fill out a form << here >>. Become a member of DotZero today and become part of a wider transformation of Pakistan’s business landscape!

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