Frequently Asked Questions

What is DotZero?
DotZero is a community space for entrepreneurs. Secondly, it is also a curated co-working space for entrepreneurs.

What does membership at DotZero get me?
Membership gives you the opportunity to book conference rooms and the events space. It gets you discounts on DotZero events as well. Membership DOES NOT guarantee you co-working space. Members however, have the opportunity to apply for co-working space, after going through a panel interview.

What is co-working?
Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment. Unlike in a typical office environment, those co-working are usually not employed by the same organization.

How can I avail the co-working space at DotZero?
Anyone interested in co-working space needs to be a member and needs fill out the online application form telling us what original products or highly innovative services they are working on. The board will then decide if the person or team fits the model DotZero is trying to promote after a panel interview with the applicants.

Can I work here if I am a freelancer?
No, DotZero does not encourage freelance or consultancy web service. We would like to house people who are working on their own products or highly innovative services.

How is membership different from co-working?
DotZero members are not the same as the people availing the co-working space. DotZero members are those who support and want to be a part of the entrepreneurial community in Pakistan through our events and the café space. The folks housed in the co-working hall of DotZero are entrepreneurs working on their own products or highly innovative services; they have been carefully selected by the board through an application process. The application form is available on our website.

Who can use the café?
Everyone, please come and enjoy a full range of breakfast, lunch and snack items at our café. You are also encouraged to bring your friends and turn this into a regular hangout. You do not need to be a member or housed at DotZero to be a customer of the café.

What benefits do I get by using the co-working space at DotZero?
DotZero is not an office rental company, and it is certainly not just about the office space or shared expenses. DotZero is here to help get your ideas off the ground, which can be done either through our own networks or by connecting you to the right people based on your needs, helping you through the entrepreneurial process in Pakistan.