Our Story

DotZero is a co-working and community space launched in July 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs aiming to create an enabling environment for technology start-ups. This Karachi-based initiative is Pakistan’s first community space for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts to collaborate and exchange ideas.

DotZero not only offers the much-needed physical space required by young companies to get their ideas off the ground, but also provides an enriching platform that creates employment, networking and investment opportunities.

The Idea

“Entrepreneurship spurs economic growth, but how do you spur entrepreneurship?”

The idea for DotZero is inspired by one of the most respected books on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, ‘Start up Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City‘ by Brad Feld. In his book Feld talks about how the entrepreneurial community needs a few things in addition to the standard players like education and markets. A community place where the members can come together for an entrepreneurial fire hose – exchange of ideas, finding team members in social setting, hooking up with potential co founders and investors, attend events, find a shoulder to cry, find service providers like lawyers and accountants. And on top of this, a place to incubate their companies.

This is where DotZero steps in, to provide such a space for Karachi’s budding entrepreneurs.