Co-Working Space

Let’s get the basics out
  • Amazing 270 degree views of Karachi
  • Full Wifi Equipped, approx 15 routers covering 7,500 square feet area
  • 24×7 backup power in the building (facility hours: 8am to 10 pm)
  • Most ergonomic chairs and furniture designed for IT user in mind
  • Access to fully equipped cafeteria
  • Mosque within 2 minutes walk

Facility Outline

DotZero is divided into different types of work spaces.

Zones provide larger teams enclosed office space with an environment they can control. Hot Desk spaces offer a more open style of working, ideal for collaborative work and smaller teams. The facility is also equipped with four conference rooms and informal huddle areas to accommodate  various types of meetings. DotZero will soon have its own cafe as well.

Doesn’t matter which work space you choose, here is a list of services included for all entrepreneurs housed at DotZero:

Services Offered

RefreshmentsAll packages come with 2-3 cups of tea or coffee from the cafe, and of course, mineral water from the water coolers. If you have any special needs, please discuss with the facility manager and we will try to incorporate within reason.
InternetUp to 40 Mbps internet bandwidth is available at the facility, which will be equitably divided between all users. Special needs should be discussed, whether they are permanent (like a dedicated fiber) or temporary (event with video conference needs)
CafeThe facility has a purpose built cafeteria, for both those who want to bring food from home, and those who want to order in. The space offers self service microwaves, water coolers, refrigerators.
GuestsOf course, the people who you work with the most should be at this facility. However, if you just want to meet someone for an hour or two, feel free to call them over for a meeting in the cafeteria.While an event is happening, we would encourage that meeting take place in any of the conference rooms or huddle areas.
Mail ServicesMake DotZero your business address. All entrepreneurs housed at DotZero will have access to mail services which includes sending a receiving all your official correspondence to this address.