Events & Networking

DotZero is a place to come together, meet similar people and get the ideas flowing. Join us for events at our multi-use event venue where you get a chance to meet CEOs, other entrepreneurs, potential co-founders, along with the movers and shakers of the industry.

Our goal is to make DotZero the hub of all activities IT & entrepreneurship in Karachi. In that spirit, we invite all other players in the ecosystem to use the DotZero events facility to hold formal and informal events.

These events can be fireside chats, interviews, panel discussions, skills development, weekly mixers within the community and so on. Anything that helps to move the entrepreneurial ecosystem forward.

Please share your ideas with us on what you would like to do in this space. We can hold weekday day events of 60 people and weekend event of over 100 people.

Original Programming…Coming Soon

1Weekly MentorshipWe have reached out to over fifty executives of Karachi, to dedicate 1-2 hours per month of their time to mentor young companies. With their support, we plan to have- 4 to 6 hours of mentor hours on Friday- 4 to 6 hours of mentor hours on SaturdayOnce this program is live, you can view the calendar here. These sessions can be private (1-1) but we prefer that you let others listen in to maximize the community benefit of their time
2Bi weekly mixersEvery 2 weeks, we will hold a mixer for all users of the facility to come together, and ask 2-3 people to share what they are working on.
3101 EventsWe plan to hold a series of events in the 101 series. 101 generally symbolizes an introductory course in any subject, for example, Economics 101 would be introduction to Economics.We plan to hold these around practical skills that we find most entrepreneurs lacking – Legal, Accounting, Sales, Negotiation – you get the picture.
4Visiting DiasporaDotZero plans on tapping into the very large number of Pakistanis who live abroad (6 Million+) and many of whom visit Karachi regularly. Our events space is an excellent venue to showcase the work they are doing abroad. This also provides them a great opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs and see the different types of work going on within Pakistan.
5P@SHA unpluggedDotZero plans on having events with our partner organizations like P@SHA on a regular basis.
Many moreThis is the just the start. As we grow in membership and funding, we will increase our community outreach as well.